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Process automation

Make your business workflow more efficient and agile by using AI to observe, assist and communicate with your employees

Marketing data collection

Power your CCTV cameras with AI enabled computer vision to collect and analyse data valuable for your business in real time, without spending on human resources

Custom projects

We approach each client individually, analysing the current workflow, and delivering an optimal solution to satisfy the business needs
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Restaurant visitor analytics

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Analyse the number of visitors, their age and gender to improve knowledge for decision making. Receive daily report tailored for you.

With our restaurant visitor analytics solution, you can analyse the number of guests visiting your restaurant, including their genders and ages. This is especially beneficial to gain a deeper understanding of the visitors, review the effects of a targeted marketing campaign, and find out visiting patterns.

We offer a free 1-month trial to explore the benefits of our Restaurant Visitor analytics solution.

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Tested Works

Enabling businesses with AI Vision

Based in Loughborough, we are a startup specializing in applying AI enabled computer vision to solve business problems. Our aim is to bridge the gap between technological advances and adoption of technology within businesses.

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AI Vision platform

tested works

Our platform utilizes advanced computer vision models that allow to detect and track a large number of entities simultaneously in real time. The architecture of the platform allows seamless cloud deployments, as well as in-house deployment. We have designed the platform with our clients in mind - it allows us to create a variety of solutions tailored for each deployment.

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Seamless integration

Use existing cameras to power AI

An ONVIF compliant camera and Internet connection is all it takes to reap the benefits of AI. The platform can be integrated with edge devices via an API, deployed on our provided edge device or deployed on-premise, and integrated with other types of cameras, if required.

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Security and Privacy

Anonymous, encrypted, compliant

All communication with our system is fully encrypted and anonymous by default. We are GDPR and DPA compliant, ensuring safe processing of your data.

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AI Vision restaurant expeditor

We helped Alpenhaus prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

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