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Our Mission

We are currently working on perfecting Expobot to ensure the best user experience across a variety of restaurant environments, and sharing our solutions with more businesses.

We are also actively seeking investment that will allow us to expand our client base and explore the application of our technologies in other industries.

Tested Works

We are a startup specializing in applying artificial intelligence to solve business problems. Our team of business minded and technologically oriented individuals strongly believe that a great number of businesses could benefit from the latest technological advances, but have no means of do so. Our aim is to bridge this gap by delivering highly reliable, robust, affordable and technologically advanced solutions for businesses worldwide.

Our Core Principles

Using our deep technological understanding and recent advancements in the tech industry, we are able to develop state-of-the-art business solutions.

We ensure that all our products are tested in a real business environment and deliver the expected organisational workflow improvements. We aim to deliver solutions that are easy to use and integrate in existing workflows.

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With Expobot, you can improve your restaurant’s performance, and cut costs

Expobot - World's first AI expeditor

Expobot is an AI powered system that expedites intelligently, utilizing computer vision to track employees and dishes. The system seamlessly integrates in the existing workflow, while chatbots and augmented reality allow for user friendly interaction. Having access to previously uncollectable data, Expobot provides management with valuable statistics about the restaurant’s performance.

Intelligent Dish Firing

Taking into account dish cooking times, guest preferences and the restaurant’s workflow, Expobot fires dishes efficiently, ensuring that items are ready when needed.

Straightforward Interaction

Chatbots and augmented reality feedback simplifies interaction, establishing a solid link between the back and front of the house.

Intelligent Order Dispatching

Expobot dispatches orders with consideration of how busy the restaurant is, the availability of waiting staff and preferences for serving specific guests.

Bottleneck Identification

The combination of data collected by Expobot with data from the POS system allows Expobot to generate valuable statistics which can be used to identify performance bottlenecks.

Loss Prevention

Utilising computer vision, Expobot records each food item that has left the kitchen, the identity of the employee who has taken it, and the destination of this item.

Order Lifecycle Tracking

Expobot tracks key order lifecycle moments such as order creation time, item preparation start time, and item delivery time.
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